Hey Sailor

Navy and white stripes.  Simple. Classic.  Clean.  Always in style.

There is a reason the French line Saint James is constantly being “discovered”, even though the fisherman sweater was first created in the 19th century.  The line is currently being touted at J Crew, as well as their own online shop.

This is a great look year round, not just summer.  Add a jean jacket on top of this dress and it can work up until the leaves change and fall off the trees.  

By far my favorite bag right now is my tiny little Chloe mini Marcie bag.  Cross shoulder, holds my phone (barely), keys, a couple of credit cards and my Kiehl’s tub of lip balm.  The best part of free hands is allowing more hand holding!


Summer dresses are a strange length this year. Resembling more of a short coverup or a long t-shirt.  

At first I thought it was just me, but it is an actual thing.  Goop’s  got about half a dozen for sale in their summer shop.  

J Crew’s offering a bunch of short dresses too.  See, it’s a veritable “thing”.

Super short is not a great look for little girls and it most certainly isn’t ideal for their mamas.  

Consider how many times you bend down in a typical day!

Simple solution, a great pair of shorts.  They don’t even have to be seen.  Keep them guessing!

Wynwood Walls

Graffiti is the most primitive expression of art.  

All you need is a couple of cans of spray paint, some walls…

and mad crazy good talent!

Anyone else smell something burning?  Vaporize much creepy alien dude?

 Wynwood Walls in Miami is an area of the city rich in Spanish, Haitian, and American culture.

The walls are a testament to the passion and creativity of the people.  

Seriously inspirational place to be – I had to start writing immediately!

The artists change up the walls all the time, making this area an ongoing interactive art display.

It is also an area of up and coming designers and there are some ridiculously fantabulous boutiques and showrooms littered throughout.
One of my absolute faves is Style Mafia.  Trust me, you just have to go.  NOW!

I was lucky enough to take the founder of Style Mafiaand a fabulous friend of mine (who introduced us) out for THE best cup of coffee after shopping at the showroom.

Even the coffee bar baristas are full blown artists in Wynwood !

So spray on the “Off” to combat the Zika and spend a day cruising through an art gallery located on the walls in the streets of Wynwood.

POP goes the Neon

Easiest way to brighten up a look?  Add a shock of neon a la Andy Warhol.

Tassels stacked from a necklace or two.

Pompoms, currently found on everything from dresses, rompers, scarves and bags.  Misa’s Camille dress (Recently spotted on Olivia Palermo) is a budget friendly fun example.

Sunglasses lenses – did you know you can build your brilliant lenses on Rayban?
A cute pair of espadrilles, like these from Pitusa.

Neon adds instant happiness to an outfit and is a fun and inexpensive way to extend that summer vibe!

Shan Meeting!

Ever met someone you worship?  Someone who has captured your attention for a really long time and has definitely achieved hero like rockstar status?

reversecommuter recently met the Founder and Ceo of Shan Swimwear.  Can you tell in the pic that I am completely geeking out?!

Chantal Levesque is literally my Mick Jagger.  Her swimwear and designs have mesmerized me for over a decade.  

I saved up to buy my first Shan bikini (red, kind of James Bond-ie) to take on my honeymoon.  My husband recently bought me a new red Shan bikini and told me it reminded him of the honeymoon one.  #whattheheckisbetterthanthat  #hunkahunkaburninglove

​Shan swimwear is that good.  The styles and designs are impactful and beautiful.  Chantal knows what women like to wear, and how it should fit.  “Quality and design are always the most important details of the line”, this is not only Chantelle’s mantra but it also delivered in every collection.  

Trust me, I have bought from almost every Shan collection over the past fifteen years! 

Chantal has built up the company from the early days when she herself pulled the pigments out of the prints to create the colors for the collection.  “Sometimes it took at least 5 attempts to pull the perfect hue.”  Now she has “a great team in place” and doesn’t need to work around the clock.  But she still overseas the pallet and colors pulled for each collection.

Shan Spring 2017 might just be her very best.  One collection, “Do You think I’m sexy” is sumptuous, luxurious and subtly infused with classical French couture allure.

Moves like Jagger!

Beach Day Recipe

A great day at the beach needs a few basic ingredients.

Beach, coverup, swimsuit, flip flops, sunglasses and great weather.

Coverups are all about fun bright colors right now. They are a continuation of the fashion from the runways, not just a tropical print sarong.

Poupette St. Barths offers such a cute intrepretation of the off-the-shoulder dress.  Easy to put on, take off and then put on once again to take you to and from the beach to the bar.

True confession, I wear mine backwards because I really like the pompom tie at the waist, but it’s supposed to be at the back.  Fashion, like art, is all about personal interpretation.  

Pitusa is a new found fave of reversecommuter’s.  Spotted at a beach chic boutique in Miami I was unmediated drawn to the neon happy colors and the pompoms – yup, that is all it takes to draw me in!

Funny that a week later at Miami Swim Week who do I meet Clara Lago, the founder of Pitusa , in a gorgeous neon orange layered coverup from the Spring 2017 Collection.
Pitusa  sources it’s cotton from Peru, “Peru’s woven cottons are the best”, and with clever embellishments such as pompoms and evil eye medallions to add unexpected depth and detail to their gorgeous and fun dresses, tops, pants and jumpsuits, it is no surprise this line keeps growing at a breakneck speed since launching in 2011.

Beach bags are crucial.  Not just to hold your stuff but more importantly to deliver your vibe.

Thanks to a self-proclaimed “snarky bitch” cool girl from NYC (think of a girl you would ❤️ to hang out with), who founded Fallon and Royce, beach bags just got a major facelift!  Her wit and sense of humor is our gain, and the price point was an unexpected surprise in a really good way!

Now the only thing to do is grab a great beach read and some spf!

Miami Memories / part one

Hands down the best part of going to fashion events is the people.

Obviously reversecommuter goes completely gaga for the clothing, the styles, the runways, the music, etc – that absolutely goes without saying!

However it is the stories behind the people that delivers the deepest understanding of the fashion, clothes and inspiration.

Meeting My Berlin Fashion blogger Jasmin Fatchild and bumping into her throughout Miam Swim Week quickly became something to look forward to!  #neuefruende (true story this is the only photo where one of us isn’t squinting from the bright Miami sun!)

Befriending a male model from NYC who had a friend walking a show, sitting front row and listening to him scream his support.  Happily playing as an unexpected gaggle of giggling fast friends post show, fabulous.  #adorableboy

Meeting the charming Italian gentleman who is President of Miami Fashion Event, Massimo Maltese and chatting about fashion, Italian designers and his children.  #mamamiahessmooth 

Spending time with my exotic Lebanese friend and meeting her dynamic creative friend, Valeska Rodriguez of Style Mafia.  #girlpowerboom

Discovering THE most amazing fresh pressed juice and sadly not being able to find it again.  #compassissues

I have a few more Miami Swim Week stories to share…next posting!

xo reversecommuter