Skaist-Taylor Gorgeousness!


Skaist-Taylor, the goddesses that redefined terry cloth & loungewear, aka JUICY COUTURE, have launched a new label and it is DIVINE!
This video stars Keith Richards’ daughter, Theodora Richards, who is also featured in an ad this month on Net-a-Porter alongside her gorgeous mother (who gave me an awesome compliment last year in an airport!!!), Patti Hansen.
I want to shop this line V V V badly!!!!

Fashion & Finance Fridays

Happy Friday!!!!

Fun Fact for today: H&M is the world’s largest manufacturer with organic cotton.

Perhaps H&M will use some of that organic cotton in their uber fancy high end line stores, the concept they announced yesterday. Apparently all is well in the retail world. Ka-Ching! $$


True Religion Jeans won an impressive $ 863.9 M (as in MILLION) case agains 106 cybersquatters in China aka counterfeiters who were ripping off the Buddha brand! Chalk one up for the good guys, and too bad for the fake makers!


In celebration I am wearing my True Religions today.

Happy Friday!!!!

Procrastination at it’s Best

UGH! I need to edit my closet, aka clean it out.  I don’t mind the purge once I am in the actual process, but the mental preparation is exhausting!

What to keep?  What to ditch?  What is the ideal length of time to not wear something where it becomes disposable?  

Tricky at best!  Especially when you invest in designer pieces.  Hate the regret of mistakes.

White tee-shirts – easy peasy – replace every year.

Blazers, jeans, skirts and dresses….so much more of a challenge.

Read a great article today (while procrastinating…)

The only bright part of closet editing is …..Shopping once it is done!  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!  (not too predictable am I?)

My little Spring 2012 wish list, so far…..


tie dye jeans



shoes, shoes and shoes

pyjama pants

sheath dress

did I already mention shoes?  





Hi-dee Hi-dee Ho

High Waisted Shorts. I just don’t know about this one. Can’t seem to get past the vision of the unfortunate soul who pulls their pants up just a little too high….
But it is on point as a major trend this Spring, so lower abs be prepared to get extra attention at the gym!




Arrivederci and the Car Shoe

The founder of Tod’s, Signore Delle Valle, passed away today at 89.  

Amazing man with an eye for design, quality and creativity.  He brought that delicious Italian leather and those wonderful little nobbles on the bottomImage of his shoe to us.  Grazie Mille!

Celebrate his greatness, slip into your fave pair of Tod’s and pretend you are sipping Prossecco with your bffs on the marble patio of your Sicillian palazzo.




No Chunky Monkey

Hands down the best purchase of Fall/Winter 2012 for me was my Veronica Beard blazer.
The knit “sweater” is really just a pair of knit cuffs and collar. It is so warm, and there is no winter bulk of an actual fisherman’s knit sweater underneath. Genius!
The spring line looks just as clever!