Cotton Conundrum

I want a new pair of jeans…actually I really want these

Alas, I am on the waiting list in NYC but have a craving for immediate gratification so I went to Bloomingdales and these were my choices:

The breakdown:
True Religion Blue & White “Stella” tie dye @ $216.00 Legs were cut too skinny
AG Luscious Sateen in Coral tie dye @ $178.00 THE GLASS SLIPPER OF THE DAY!!!
J Brand Cropped White @ $ 180.00 Best to wait for a complimenting tan
J Brand Twill Skinny in Twisted Plum @ $ 198.00 Too Stretchy
Rag & Bone Skinny in Bright Orange @ $ 176.00 Divine but not as soft as the AG’s

The good news is that Bloomingdale’s is currently in pre-sale mode for their Friends and Family Sale, saving you 20%…and as far as I am concerned saving money means there is no bad news! YAY!
Here is the link to Bloomies with the jeans I tried on:!fn=BRAND%3Drag%2520%2526%2520bone/JEAN%3B%3BAG%2520Adriano%2520Goldschmied%3B%3BJ%2520Brand%3B%3BTrue%2520Religion%26sortBy%3DORIGINAL%26productsPerPage%3D96&!qvp=iqvp

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