Financial & Fashion Focused Friday

Happy Friday!
Here are some Fast Financial Fashion facts (gotta love a little Friday alliteration!!):
* Lululemon has hit the $1 Billion revenue mark – yup, ONE BILLION!
* Hermes reported a corporate record 41% increase in sales this year – hope they didn’t sell all of their bags, I still dream of owning a navy blue with silver hardware.
National Unplugging Day starts today at sundown, so it is appropriate that I have an appointment at the Apple store today to attempt to get my 4 Apple products to talk to each other.  I have 4 calendars, 4 storage back ups, 4 photo libraries, etc and it is driving me bananas!  Something tells me at the end of the appointment I will happily embrace National Unplugging Day!
Outfit:  James Perse dress
Burberry Leather Jacket (no longer available but here is “similar-ish”)
Chanel Flats
* not available online but always available at Chanel boutiques, Neiman Marcus, Saks, Bergdorf Goodman, etc.

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