Procrastination at it’s Best

UGH! I need to edit my closet, aka clean it out.  I don’t mind the purge once I am in the actual process, but the mental preparation is exhausting!

What to keep?  What to ditch?  What is the ideal length of time to not wear something where it becomes disposable?  

Tricky at best!  Especially when you invest in designer pieces.  Hate the regret of mistakes.

White tee-shirts – easy peasy – replace every year.

Blazers, jeans, skirts and dresses….so much more of a challenge.

Read a great article today (while procrastinating…)

The only bright part of closet editing is …..Shopping once it is done!  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!  (not too predictable am I?)

My little Spring 2012 wish list, so far…..


tie dye jeans



shoes, shoes and shoes

pyjama pants

sheath dress

did I already mention shoes?  





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