Caps For Sale – Monkeys Not Included!

This posting comes via special request!

Summer is coming, and as intoxicating as a good tan glow is, it is horrible for our skin!  😦

To combat UV rays in a fashionable manner, add a fabulous chapeau!

Here are a few ideas:

J. Crew delivers this dandy at a mere $ 38.00, so when it gets smushed in your beach bag, there are no tears.

Jessica Simpson Collection (for real) offers the uber floppy for a lovely $ 38.00, just in time for the Triple Crown!

Eugenia Kim, oh how I heart your hats Eugenia, offers an awesome fedora for $295.00 at Net-a-Porter.  Better to keep this one out of smushy places!

My personal summer standby, cowboy raffia.  It goes perfectly with sun dresses, cut-offs and bikinis!

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