Color Me Happy!

Panetone (the paint company) develops a biblical proportion tool that is widely adhered to in the fashion world.  The Panetone Fashion Color Report Collection is created for every fashion season, and designers, buyers and consumers alike get V V excited about it’s arrival.

Such a fab tool to have in your back pocket when strategizing the wardrobe.   You can even simplify your participation down to t-shirts, influenced by Panetone!

Designers don’t always adhere to the exact tones but their collections are rarely too far off the Panetone color spectrum.  Here are a couple of examples from Fall 2012:

Philip Lim Olympian Blue and Honey Gold were on clear exhibit with his Fall 2012 runway show.

Alexander McQueen and the Rose Smoke and Tangerine Tango purrrrrrrrrr!

Alexander Wang loved the plums and rhapsody color line

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