Friday Fashion & Finance

Happy Friday!!!!!

TUMI went public, following in the footsteps of Michael Kors who is now not only a brilliant designer but also a KA-BILLIONAIRE!!!  TUMI‘s IPO has now valued the company at $1.79 billion…that is a lot of luggage!!!  As an aside, TUMI is my handsome-professional-road-warrior-husband’s favorite luggage brand, because it is so durable, and I like it’s sleek, masculine design and style.

Thought I would infuse a little Canadian flavor in the post today, considering I am still visiting Toronto….Joe Fresh (think Canada’s light version of H&M meets Target brand clothing) just opened a big honking’ flagship in Manhattan (located on 5th Avenue in the 40s) – MAJORLY GREAT LOCATION!!!!!

As it is a Canadian based retailer, I had the opportunity to go into a store in Toronto yesterday.  They are located (peculiarly) beside LOBLAWS grocery stores, are bright orange and sell VERY inexpensive clothes (for example $29.00 CND for bright colored capri jeans), for men, women and children. JOE FRESH is planning on opening up to 800 stores in the US (that is QUITE AMBITIOUS!!!!!!).


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