Designer Geese and Wheatgrass

It gets really cold in Canada.  I recently experienced a little taste of that myself up in Toronto.  So it makes perfect sense that the Canadians have a niche on gorgeous snow gear!

Canada Goose (yup, that is the name of the company) designs these phenomenal down filled, fur hooded bombers.  Hello Bright Pink, I think you could help me like winter more!

There are also fur trimmed hats, lighter weight spring / fall jackets and there is even a children’s’ line…TOO CUTE!

During my trip to Toronto I hit the St. Lawrence Market – an absolute not-to-miss if you are ever up there.  There are over a hundred vendors, screaming their lungs out trying to get your business.  Cheese mongers, butchers, olive oil shops, seafood shops, fruits and vegetables, you eat it they sell it there, and have been selling it there since 1803!

Whenever I go to the market I hit the mouth watering St Urbain Bagels (OMG TOOO DELISH FOR WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and grab a fresh shot of wheatgrass (that green is SO the green a lot of designers have used this Spring, don’t you think?)


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