It’s All in the Bag

Pre-children and occasionally on date nights I carry a cute, teeny tiny clutch. Most of the time however, I am risking spinal injury with a ridiculously large, heavy bag which holds an even more ridiculous amount of cr*p!
Might as well make it a cute big bag, not that the amount of “stuff” is going to change.


Imagine the level of happiness on the richter scale when I stumbled onto a new handbag designer, who delivers gorgeousness without the price being scary. orYany is the name, delivering scrumpdiliciousness in a handbag is his game!
I bought mine at ScoopNYC but have also seen the collection at Bloomingdales, and of course on the web.

or Yany is quite the genius in design, look at all the pockets on the outside, and compartments, openings and zippers on the inside. This bag is a busy woman’s BFF!


So I’ve loaded up my or Yany bag, am heading out to the gym (another perk of the big bag is it’s multi-purpose capability), rocking my Essie nails and ready to take on the day!



Ding Dong

White, gloriously wide, linen bell-bottoms! Hudson Jeans thanks for being so darn clever!
I have been in search mode for a great pair of white jeans, didn’t want skinny white jeans, didn’t want ripped or distressed, wasn’t really sure what I wanted. Happily the search is over, with a fun twist.


The secret to successful bell-bottoms is to NOT get them hemmed too short – yes, this is the voice of experience. Chopped the bell right off my J Brand bell-bottoms last fall!


The other secret to happy bell-bottom wearing is a great pair of wedges.


And finally, when wearing bell-bottoms., feel free to occasionally act like a ding-dong! ūüėČ


Smash, Crash, Turtle?!

Construction crew arrived very early this morning (deck project in the backyard). Then the phone, cable & Internet went down (still down – I am posting on my cel phone, pulled over on a side road where I can pick up a strong signal!).
Then the foreman called me outside to show me what was under the deck….

I’m just a city girl, trapped in the burbs, eternally on a search for a great outfit…I’m really not built to deal with turtles!!!!! 20120529-133337.jpg





Finance & Fashion Friday!

Bonjiorno Venedi!

Giorgio Armani announced a 45% increase in annual sales for 2011. ¬†Not only is that an amazing increase for a year’s sales, it is also quite impressive that Giorgio felt like sharing that information…it is a privately held company so he could have kept that fabulous news all to himself. ¬†(I would choose to brag about the good news too, especially right about now in Italy!)

China (again)…Ralph Lauren Corporation¬†(stock symbol RL) has announced there will be 60 stores opening in the next three years. ¬†Sixty! ¬†Personally I am rethinking the potential payback of the Rosetta Stone Mandarin cds I just bought….

Speaking of the Lifshitz Family, (I just love the Lauren’s real surname!!!), Ralph’s gorgeous wife, Ricky Lauren, just released quite the delicious coffee table book, “The Hamptons: Family, Food and History”¬†and launched the book at a soiree held at the Ralph Lauren Manhattan flagship store. ¬†Cannot wait to get my mitts on a copy of that luscious read, just in time for summer!

The reverse commuter is tired today, stayed up too late watching an awesome CNBC ¬†biography on Mickey Drexler, former CEO of The Gap, current CEO of J. Crew. ¬† AMAZING WATCH!!!!!!! ¬†He owns 7 homes (most oceanfront mansions) but started off in a ¬†one room walk-up and very humble beginnings. ¬†Still meets with the “borough boys” – men that he grew up with and know him better than anyone else (except his college sweetheart wife). ¬†Mickey is inspirational on the professional and personal fronts, refreshing! ¬†Plus he loves the color yellow – thinks it is an attention grabber (happens to be my youngest’s fave color).

Mickey is sending J. Crew over to China too….just saying (ŤĮī in Mandarin).

Hot Pants?

First words out of my two year old this morning “Mommy, why are you wearing Fireman pants?”
Never mind that I am wearing a skirt, not pants. And certainly not Fireman pants!

Never mind it is a Mui Mui skirt – color blocked and with a patent leather strip.

And let’s not loose sight of the fact that firemen don’t run around in wedges either.

Maybe I should’ve lost the hat?






Plaid Mad

The closet cleaning (phase I) had an unexpected side effect. Editing down the pieces made the favorites pop out and demand to be worn!
It re-affirms a stand by rule of fashion, try to buy the good stuff. Fads come and go, and for that H&M and Zara and Target are the go to shops. The true investment pieces are expensive, classic and worth every single penny.