It’s Not that Kind of Party!

Saturday night was a fun one: dinner plans, and then a fund raiser to attend – YAY!

First step in preparations, manicures with my 7 year old daughter – LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blue nails….not so much love.  But, a promise is a promise & she wanted matching manis.

Alexander Wang is a personal fave, and I really love T by Alexander Wang because it is not     reasonable to expect a girl to be able to buy runway fashions every time she goes shopping…although it would be quite lovely!

So I bought this fabulous T by Alexander Wang navy blue dress (to continue the blue theme of the day), at Scoop NYC.

Imagine my surprise at home (2 minutes before I had to leave), when I noticed the sheer panels were MUCH more adventurous that they had appeared in the change room!

Personally, I still love the dress, and anticipate it being a summer fave.  But for the evening’s planned events I sure was happy I had chosen to bring a pinstriped navy blazer with me.

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