Fashion and Finance Friday!

Oh Yeah, it’s Friday!!!!!

I cannot even BEGIN to wax on about Jeff Bezos, Amazon and the fashion world takeover….that will come in a separate, completely devoted posting, and it will be TRES GOOD!

All I will say about Jeff Bezos is that he wore Tom Ford to the Met Ball earlier this week, and was a fashion dude DO!

….and speaking of Tom Ford…..

Tom Ford takes four to five baths daily, says the baths are meditative and help him decompress after stressing about emails.  LOVE THAT!  He was very serious as a child, even carried around a briefcase at the age of 7 – ADORABLE!   He also freely admits to walking around his house naked – lucky neighbor!  He was the host of 92Y in NYC on Wednesday, and the event sold out four months ago on the pull of his gorgeousness alone!

Coty Inc. really wants to buy Avon, and back for a second shot at it Coty has called in the BIG DOG…Warren Buffett!  Coty has a new offer of $10.65 BILLION, and this despite Avon being decimated on the stock market (down another 3% yesterday to $20.89 per share).  DING DONG….TAKE THE OFFER!!!!!!

“‘Cause if you don’t look good, we don’t look good, we take pride in you”……Vidal Sasson passed away earlier this week.  An icon in the hair industry, he built his company on the merits of one amazing haircut – an asymmetrical bob.  Then of course came his hair care products and his designer jean line as well.  Truly an inspiring, business-brilliant, talented man.

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