Fashion & Finance Friday!

Hellllloooooooo Friday!

Facebook has it’s day in finance today – it’s IPO (initial public offering aka it’s stock is listed and goes live today) is rumored to potentially raise $16.4 BILLIO .  Maybe Mark Zuckerberg will buy himself a new hoodie and a pair of jeans to celebrate…that dude needs a personal shopper…just saying’.

Barney’s New York is going to relaunch their website on Monday – totally renovated and apparently easier e-commerce capabilities (I can honestly say I have never had any shopping problems on that site!).

Chanel held it’s Cruise 2013 fashion show at the Palais de Versailles this past Monday – BEYOND DIVINE!!!!!  Karl Lagerfeld is a frickin’ genius, or as a more eloquent individual dubbed him, “The Sun King”. Long Live the Sun King!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mental note – wedge sneakers are here to stay (Isabel Marant, you were so ahead of the pack launching them this Spring!).


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