Sloblette’s Dirty Little Secret

I wore something the other day that made me feel uncomfortable and a little off.  Quite simply it just wasn’t me.  Ever been there?  It wasn’t totally yucky, just not right. Well, it inspired me to clean out my VERY scary closet.  I cannot believe I am about to expose my mess!   ew……………….. After looking at these pictures I realize that this is not going to be a simple one or two hour operation.  Nope, this is going to be the BIG DADDY of Spring Cleanings.  One great incentive is the BIG DADDY of shopping trips that will clearly be needed after this mega-cleanse! Rather proud of my initial foray into the abyss known as my closet.  Especially considering I tackled the dreaded sweater wall!  For pete’s sake girl, fold the dang sweaters!  I never realized I was such a sloblette! Look at the basket I filled.  Sweaters, jackets, jeans, all from great quality designers such as Juicy Couture, Michael Kors, Armani AX, Yigal Azrouel, Burberry etc, now going to one of my chosen charities.  Not only does the closet look neater, there are people in need who will get gently loved clothes.  A definite Win Win! Here is the big ol’ pile spread out all over the floor, just before it got bagged and picked up by the charity.  And I have already scheduled another pick up in a week! Stay tuned to the next chapter in Sloblette’s Dirty Little Secret…

10 thoughts on “Sloblette’s Dirty Little Secret

    • really? Isn’t it tooooooo messy to share?
      I love the idea of your blog by the way – it is like a cool lawn gnome (I mean that as a compliment).

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