Fashion & Finance Friday!

happy happy joy joy it’s Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Need a new tablet?  Can you wait until July (as today is June 29th the odds must be good!), because that is when Google will launch the Nexus 7 for a paltry $199.00, and most of your fave mags will be a staggeringly cheap .99 to celebrate the newest 7″ electronic reader!

Natalie Massenet, founder and CEO of Net-a-porter (reversecommuter’s love for this site is near legendary in status) has opened a US headquarter in NYC.  Natalie suggested that the 73% annual growth in US business may have influenced the decision.   YA THINK?!?!?!?!

Interestingly approximately 25% of all Net-a-porter sales occur on either a tablet or a smartphone.  V V COOL STAT!

Lady Gaga paid $133,075 for an Alexander McQueen dress from 2008, owned by  Daphne Guinness who parted with some of her wardrobe sold by Christie’s on Wednesday June 27th.  The money raised will go to the Isabella Blow Foundation, which aids young designers and also funds research into depression and mental illness.  Isabella Blow was a fashion editor, a MAJOR fashion personality in her own right, and BFF to the captivating Daphne Guinness, and sadly she committed suicide in 2007.  No-one wore a hat better, in the humble opinion of reversecommuter.


Have you found yourself grooving to imaginary Cuban tunes?  MIght be your sense of style dropping not-so-subtle hints that it is craving a fabulous new fedora!

1882 brought to stage a play named “Fedora” about an aptly named princess, Princess Fedora who wore a hat.  Fast-track to 2012 and all the cool chicks (modern day princesses) are rocking’ the fedora.

You can get one at a scream of a deal at J. Crew for $9.99… SWEET!!!!   I bought mine at Joe Fresh for a particularly pleasing $12.00.

Surprisingly easy to wear (other than the obvious dreaded hat head) and versatile too!

Even seven year-olds are raiding their mama’s closet!  (grrrrrr)

Summer Simplicity

Summer allows for no-brainers in the morning.  Take my outfit for example.  Dress on, hair back, flops & done!


Dress by Scout (I bought it last year and cannot find any current shops that carry the line, here is the only one I found at, FlipFlops by Havianas, Headband by Missoni.


Speaking of Havianas and Missoni…did you know that the two fashion houses teamed up this year for a special limited edition collection of Missoni flops?  COOL.COOL. COOL!

But the price tag of $70 for a pair of flip flops…luke warm at best.


But for now I am happy with my $20.00 flops – that way there are no tears when the inevitable blowout happens.


Alexander Wang is a mama’s bff!  T by Alexander Wang is a reasonably priced line that incorporates clever detail, gorgeous fabric and sleek designs.  How is that not better than being trapped in yoga clothes all day?!


The unexpected slit in the back is SO fun!


This pullover is a great addition to the wardrobe as it goes with everything – even cut-offs!




Alexander Wang & T by Alexander Wang are currently on sale – BIG TIME!!!!!!  A lot of his pieces carry over well from season to season (I find that usually takes a little bit of the shopping guilt away).

AG white cut-offs, Theory tank, T-by- Alexander Wang sweater, Prada Sport wedges.


Urban Grocs

As mentioned, last weekend was spent in NYC, and a lot of my faves were visited.

It would be rude for me to not mention the King of all Groc Shops….Dean and Deluca!

The best part of the SOHO location is the large glass windows at the front, with the stand-up cappuccino bar – is there a more ideal spot for people watching than directly across the street from Prada?

Pretty Pretty Pretty – in fact the flowers look better just for being so darn urban!

Fancy Delicious Carbs Anyone?

Everythyme (LOL) I walk into this store I drool over this spice rack display – beyond impressive!  Alas, I am now surbubanly challenged and as such I am a catalogue fan, so this is what is in my kitchen.   But seeing the real deal is still amazing!

No matter what the local suburban groc shop offers, it will never have this NYC vibe nor these adorable little marzipan critters!

See that label?  Yup, I was ALL OVER that slice!!!!!  And just to be perfectly clear, I am not a strawberry kind of girl.

Fashion & Finance Friday!

Happy Heat Wave Friday!  Anyone for the beach?

Ideeli, one of those websites that hosts limited time sales, just received a $30 MILLION investment from some investors, one of whom is Credit Suisse.  Ideeli has a great collection of designers, stylists and editors that work together and their sales are fab!

The Queen loves McQueen!  During QEII’s Birthday Honors list last week (that sounds like a stressful job), she recognized Sarah Burton and her gorgeous designs.  I love Alexander McQueen, and I appreciate the Queen’s great taste but I for one would rather the monarch leave the cutting edge designer outfits for her new daughter-in-law.  Just saying….

Have a spectacular weekend!

reversecommuter is headed back to the beach!

This little piggy….

Apologies on the late in the day posting, in the middle of a heat wave here and so it was off to the beach!

One could say I was inspired from these cool little marzipan piggies (all decked out in their finest Hawaiian), seen at Dean & Deluca in NYC earlier this week:

Here are some sun hat options on display today:

I kid you not, $ 5.00 purchase on the beaches of Cancun.  FYI, San Diego Hat Co.

Straw Beach Hats – every girls’ best friend…until you have to put it in a suitcase!

Missoni?  Nope, ZARA!  Beach Chic nonetheless!