Wrinkle of Wealth

I would love to take credit for such a cool descriptive phrase for linen, but alas, this one is my grandmother’s.

She was an artist, a world traveller, (brought back the single most impressive collection of shoes from Paris one year that I to-this-day-drool when thinking about!), surprise surprise my grandmother was a fashionista, and the single most important person in my life for a very long time. And I miss her.

Daily reminders like this uber fantastic kick a** phrase remind me of how phenomenal she was, and that makes me happy!

Linen begs to be worn. And as soon as you put it on it wrinkles. So feel free to use this phrase, it alleviates the burning desire to warm up the personal steamer.

She also taught me that you are never to old to jump on a swing and act like a ten year old – I really love that one!

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