Petals and PJs

Prints and p.j.’s look to be staying around for a little bit – or so say the new Resort 2012/2013 collections.

Marc Jacobs is a master on both and I am LOVING his resort, as seen on Moda Operandi  (another true love of mine).

Resort Collections are a funny breed – not as serious an investment as the Fall Collections yet more quirky than the Spring Collections, and smaller in quantity than either as well.

The influences this year have been the Amalfi Coast (Tory Burch), Flora Patterns (Gucci), and my favorite influence, a search for “great, wearable clothes”, (Proenza Schouler), because who doesn’t want that?

Start saving those pennies for your winter vacation wardrobe, because the designers have definitely brought their game!  Or…..the other fun option is to hit the current Spring 2012 sales (everyone is on sale right now) and invest in the petals and pi’s that are discounted!

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