SOHO-Wholly Addicted!

The second posting dedicated to my whirlwind getaway to NYC is going to be focused on my current fave area of the Big Apple, namely SOHO.

Soho used to represent all things art, up and coming artists, uber cool art galleries, exclusive parties, ridiculously fab architecture, in summation a pre and post-Warhol way of life.  Nowhere was cooler.

Recently there has been a not-so-subtle gentrification of SOHO by the Italians (Prada, Gucci), the French (Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Isabel Marant), some extremely talented and successful Americans (Alexander Wang) and even the Dutch (Acne).

reversecommuter is happy to report she shopped like the UN Ambassador, showing no favoritism to any one particular country!  🙂

FYI my all time CRAZY FAVE piece currently found in SOHO is the fur hammock hanging in the Alexander Wang flagship store!

And my second CRAZY FAVE was the blue Celine mini luggage at Kirna Zabete.

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