reversecommuter went to NYC for a quick 35 hour trip – just her camera, her husband and her American Express card!

This is the first posting about the trip and is dedicated to blind luck – as in the kind that stumbles onto NYC sample sales (on the weekend, which almost never happens!!).

While walking through Chelsea Market on Sunday after a phenom brunch at Pastis (cannot  go to NYC and not hit Pastis at some point – interestingly learnt on this trip that Pastis is open for Supper, which by Pastis definition is midnight to 2am!!!), a wondrous discovery was made.

Imagine the sound of the squeal when walking by a glass storefront stenciled with “Rag & Bone Sample Sale” complete with a makeshift sign taped on stating “additional 20% off Sunday”.  OHEMGEEEEEEE!

Needless to say reversecommuter did not waste a gift like that!  Voila, my new dress…(my handsome husband picked up a pair of jeans – always a great thing when he goes for the “fancy designer jeans” and walks past The Gap!!!)

Soiffer and Haskin was kind enough to send reversecommuter an email Saturday afternoon trumpeting the SUNDAY opening of the Frette sample sale.  Bonjiorno luxury Italian KABILLION-count cotton bedding!!!!

Consider this a gift from me (trust me, just sign up, their sales are that good!!!)  Soiffer Haskin just hosted an Yves Saint Laurent sale and their salespeople were telling me about the 4 hour line up!

As much fun as the sample sales were, NYC retailers were also on sale for the most part –  unplanned but a recognized bonus nonetheless.  Bergdorf Goodman started their sale Saturday morning with a decent 30% discount, Barney’s is settled into their sale at a lovely up to 60% off right now, and a lot of independent designers have initiated their sales as well.  Keep in mind that this translates well on the prospective websites too!

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