Urban Grocs

As mentioned, last weekend was spent in NYC, and a lot of my faves were visited.

It would be rude for me to not mention the King of all Groc Shops….Dean and Deluca!

The best part of the SOHO location is the large glass windows at the front, with the stand-up cappuccino bar – is there a more ideal spot for people watching than directly across the street from Prada?

Pretty Pretty Pretty – in fact the flowers look better just for being so darn urban!

Fancy Delicious Carbs Anyone?

Everythyme (LOL) I walk into this store I drool over this spice rack display – beyond impressive!  Alas, I am now surbubanly challenged and as such I am a catalogue fan, so this is what is in my kitchen.   But seeing the real deal is still amazing!

No matter what the local suburban groc shop offers, it will never have this NYC vibe nor these adorable little marzipan critters!

See that label?  Yup, I was ALL OVER that slice!!!!!  And just to be perfectly clear, I am not a strawberry kind of girl.

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