Fashion & Finance Friday!

happy happy joy joy it’s Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Need a new tablet?  Can you wait until July (as today is June 29th the odds must be good!), because that is when Google will launch the Nexus 7 for a paltry $199.00, and most of your fave mags will be a staggeringly cheap .99 to celebrate the newest 7″ electronic reader!

Natalie Massenet, founder and CEO of Net-a-porter (reversecommuter’s love for this site is near legendary in status) has opened a US headquarter in NYC.  Natalie suggested that the 73% annual growth in US business may have influenced the decision.   YA THINK?!?!?!?!

Interestingly approximately 25% of all Net-a-porter sales occur on either a tablet or a smartphone.  V V COOL STAT!

Lady Gaga paid $133,075 for an Alexander McQueen dress from 2008, owned by  Daphne Guinness who parted with some of her wardrobe sold by Christie’s on Wednesday June 27th.  The money raised will go to the Isabella Blow Foundation, which aids young designers and also funds research into depression and mental illness.  Isabella Blow was a fashion editor, a MAJOR fashion personality in her own right, and BFF to the captivating Daphne Guinness, and sadly she committed suicide in 2007.  No-one wore a hat better, in the humble opinion of reversecommuter.

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