Fancy Pants

Tuxedo pants color blocked – snnnnazzzy!
Preen skinny wool twill pants, $1075 – click the blue to go to net-a-porter to buy!  (pssst, there is a matching blazer…just saying’)

Such a simple way to completely fancify an outfit (and yes, I did in fact just make up the word “fancify“)…

Robert Rodriguez gorgeousness is now on sale at the outlet – click the blue and buy!  Really it is more like saving than spending.

Lot’s of price points for all those concerned….

J Crew (yup, of course they would be responsible for a pair of pants this fab & fun), the blue will take you directly to closet happiness…

And length options too, which is such a fun idea to introduce to fall as a means of extending summer!

Marni’s cropped color blocked striped gabardines are divine!  Hit the blue to buy.

Fashion & Finance Friday!

OHEMGEE!!!  Friday is here again!

J.C. Penney has some rather influential friends in it’s corner.  Nina Garcia tweeted a positive message regarding the retailer and KERPOW the stock ticker popped up 10%!  Nina signed on as the JC Penney “Style Voice and Fashion Collection Currator” on July 18th (see full press release here).  But it was the power of her tweet that sent the JC Penney stock waaaaaay up – bet the executive team that brought in the mighty Nina Garcia are pleased as punch with themselves!

Joe Fresh (Canadian H&M-esque retailer) has signed on to be part of the instore boutiques to be launched in the new & improved J.C. Penney stores.

Seems as though JC Penney wasn’t kidding around about completely changing the way they deliver retail.  reversecommuter is intrigued and thought it might be interesting to casually track the stock’s performance.

The ticker is JCP.  This should be fun!

Diego Della Valle, the owner of Tod’s (Italy’s butter soft luxury shoe and bag company) is shelling out 21 MILLION Euros to restore the Colisseum in Rome.

I wonder where he is going to put the little nobs?

Happy Happy Weekend!

XO reversecommuter


No, reversecommuter was not out until 3am executing her v best dance moves (although I would jump at the chance…as long as a morning babysitter was arranged!).
Rather I am loving the lace shorts I found at Club Monaco.  Click here to buy.

20120726-154739.jpgHH and I had date night last night – first stop was Trio – a fab wine & tapas bar in Edgartown, MV.

Then we went out for my new fave dessert, champs & oysters!

Great night…even without the clubbing!

What the heck…

is reversecommuter going to wear in the colder months?!  I shudder to think about a life more complex.  Layers, boots, wool, leather, shearlings….okay, it won’t be so bad!  🙂

Once the temperature drops below 60 fahrenheit, there is CLEARLY going to be a MAJOR shopping need!

But this summer it’s all about cute little sun dresses, bikinis, sun hats, flip flops and maxi dresses. Easy peasy.





Comfy & Cute to Boot!

My pajama pant posting (please click the blue if you missed it), started me thinking of a couple of designers that consistently deliver a stylish interpretation of comfort.

Saint Grace’s heavenly carol pants make the booty angelic!  Click here and rock them for yourself.  FYI they come a little on the long side so alert your tailor for standby status.  (picture courtesy of Saint Grace)

Not yoga pants (thankfully) but stretchy, comfy & cute!  All for $102.00.  Cool, Cool, Cool.

Susana Monaco is equally talented in the awesome pant designing department.  Her bootcut pant is rump-alicious!  Click the blue and buy some for you…just keep these babies out of the dryer.

But reversecommuter can’t mention Susana Monaco without highlighting a couple of her dresses – SOOOOOOOOO comfy!  And the unexpected sexy element is always a fab surprise!

All this for $195.00, just click here to purchase.

This striped tube dress is TOO FUN!  Guess what?  Susana Monaco’s tube tops ACTUALLY stay up – true story!

Click the blue to buy online.

(pictures courtesy of Susana Monaco)