Fancy Pants

Tuxedo pants color blocked – snnnnazzzy!
Preen skinny wool twill pants, $1075 – click the blue to go to net-a-porter to buy!  (pssst, there is a matching blazer…just saying’)

Such a simple way to completely fancify an outfit (and yes, I did in fact just make up the word “fancify“)…

Robert Rodriguez gorgeousness is now on sale at the outlet – click the blue and buy!  Really it is more like saving than spending.

Lot’s of price points for all those concerned….

J Crew (yup, of course they would be responsible for a pair of pants this fab & fun), the blue will take you directly to closet happiness…

And length options too, which is such a fun idea to introduce to fall as a means of extending summer!

Marni’s cropped color blocked striped gabardines are divine!  Hit the blue to buy.

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