Fashion & Finance Friday!

Only 7 more sleeps till NYC FNO!  And it’s Friday!  Gotta love a double combo of happiness!

J. Crew is getting ready to expand internationally.  This is a bold move considering international and domestic economies are not exactly healthy.  J. Crew is already up in Canada, with one store in Toronto (where reversecommuter has it on good authority you can get a much better selection of the highly coveted and hard to find J. Crew Collection.

(photo courtesy of J. Crew)

And net-a-porter (LOVE LOVE LOVE all things Natalie Massenet & net-a-porter!!!)) carries a considerable amount of J. Crew (which reversecommuter found quite surprising at first but now warmly embraces).

(photo courtesy of WSJ)

Now the retail powerhouse is preparing to open up stores in Hong Kong and London in the next two years, and will begin to ship internationally to 107 countries!  Mickey Drexler is doing a great job – not a big surprise (click here to see an earlier reverse posting on the retail Midas, Mickey Drexler).

DuJour Magazine (click the blue to take a look at this fab new mag) – the magazine that will only be delivered to readers whose homes are over $1.5 MILLION and have an average income over $250K – is truly a gorgeous magazine (in print and online – the interactive digital version is phenom).

Jason Binn, publishing guru and founder of DuJour Magazine is also chief advisor to Kevin Ryan, Gilt’s CEO, among other projects including Niche Media which publishes 13 magazines scattered across major US cities such as Boston Common Magazine, Aspen Peak and Gotham to name a few.

reversecommuter is very excited to let you in on a little secret…I am going to the DuJour Magazine launch party on Wednesday September 5th….KIND OF EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a brilliant, fabulous, fashion filled LOOOOOOOONG WEEKEND!

XO reversecommuter


Pink Dragon Ninja

Lurking somewhere in the burbs…. hiding amongst the bright pink bougainvillea… Wearing a tres cute soft pink quilted jacket….

lives reverse commuter, bringing fashion to the suburbanly challenged!

fyi pinks and quilted anything are right on trend for fall – click here to read Elle Magazine’s quilted recommendation such as Chloe’s quilted skirt     And click here to see how pink is right on trend for fall, which is great news for this fabulous pink shift dress by Hugo Boss
 Quilted jacket, Zara / Jeans, Rag & Bone / Shoes, Chanel / Sunglasses, Missoni

The Short and Long of It

I want to jump into the long sleeves, the leather, the wine colored everything, the knits…20120828-085432.jpg

But it is still very hot here (not that that is a bad thing!).

Shorts are a big focus for early fall, paired with blazers, long sleeve blouses, sleeveless sweaters, boots and even tights taking the look further into the cold weather.


Clearly the only thing reverse commuter is pairing shorts with right now is a tank top & flops. But it is strangely comforting to know that they are sticking around for awhile!


Shorts by Chaiken, tank from ScoopNYC and wedges from Prada Sport.

Bad Little Secret

Confession Time – sometimes nothing beats a Juicy. Seriously.


Especially this time of year, almost the end of summer (insert SOB here) when it there is just a hint of cool in the air when you get out of the water.


Skaist-Taylor, the Juicy Couture co-founders are no longer affiliated with the brand,and have just launched their inaugural collection (click the blue to go check out their uber groovy website).
As delicious as their new line is (and it is), it will be a VERY uphill battle to change being known as the Juicy girls (as they will forever be in my heart).


But as you can see, sometimes I might just try to deny that the Juicy is still in reversecommuter’s closet!


PS wearing said Juicy while enjoying home made grilled lobster pizza and having a glass of perfectly chilled chardonnay is also acceptable!

Fashion & Finance Friday!


H&M is going Big in the Big Apple.  Really Really BIG!  The Swedish retailer has announced plans for a new flagship, their biggest store in the world.  It will be a 57,000 square foot store!  5th and 48th will be transformed into H&M corner, the store will offer 6 floors of merchandise – that is a lot of shopping potential!  And this H&M will sell their home collection as well as clothing, (click the blue to peruse).

DVF has brought in a big gun!  Joel Horowitz (former Tommy Hilfiger business partner and CEO) as co-chairman of Diane von Furstenberg.  Industry insiders suspect that the reasoning behind this addition is that an IPO (Initial Public Offering) is in the future.  What this means is that DVF may become a publicly traded company – reversecommuter wonders if the ticker DVF is available?

Speaking of Diane von Furstenberg, her husband, UBER BUSINESS MOGUL Barry Diller’s former company, HSN (Home Shopping Network) is celebrating it’s 35th birthday.  HSN rakes in over $3 BILLION annually in sales – that is a lot of tv watching!!!

reversecommuter had the pleasure of working with HSN a few years ago and it is the most incredible operation.  Located in St. Petersburg, FLA, the compound resembles a Hollywood movie set and is unlike anything else.  Everyone gets around on go carts, there is product storage warehouses the size of condo buildings, and the level of professionalism was truly inspirational!


Have a SENSATIONAL weekend!

XO reversecommuter

Monochromatic & Nude All Over

Navy blue.  The absolute, all time, fave color of the reversecommuter.

Pyjama pants.  Perhaps one of the best trends of the season.

Combining the two with nude patent Louboutins, an uber cool tequila bar and some stellar girlfriends for a fun night out?  Priceless.

Temazcalcatina, a tequila bar right on the water in Boston with a wall of glass that opens right onto the harbor.  Fantastic!  (restaurant photos courtesy of Temazcaltina, gracias.)

Pants from Club Monaco, silk t-shirt from Armani, nude patent pumps from Louboutin, clutch from Missoni.

Fits like a Mother!


Spent a little too much time lately searching for that perfect black washed jean, when lo and behold, lookie lookie what reversecommuter stumbled upon

Can you hear the angels singing?

Nope, that’s just a squeal of happiness from out in the burbs, a squeak of joy about a PHENOM BRAND OF JEANS!!!!  Mother Denim (click the blue, such a cool website).

Do you want to know the best part about Mother Jeans?  (Other than saying fun things like “FITS LIKE A MOTHER”?)….

It’s one of those FAB designer brands that insists you drop down a size from your regular jean size.

And what, pray tell, is better than that?!

Special thank you to my cherubs for lending mama the cars 🙂

Italian Farm Hand

Ciao Prada!

Sometimes investing in a great piece is worth it…uh, cancel that, not “sometimes”ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!

Two years ago in NYC reversecommuter splurged in the Prada boutique in Soho (by the by, SUCH a COOL space!!!!), and bought this fab skirt.

So now, even when waaaaaaay out in the burbs, surrounded by TRACTORS and HAY, the Prada skirt still makes me happy.  Maybe even happier than ever before!

So the next time you find yourself questioning the wisdom of a high priced purchase, remember the words of reversecommuter,  “DO IT!”

Hit the blue and make yourself giddy with happiness…visit PRADA.COM

Skirt & wedges from Prada, tank from ScoopNYC, sunglasses by Tom Ford and fedora  from

Hang on Summer!


If you are in the Western Hemisphere, the odds are good in the morning you can feel it….


There is a certain je ne sais quoi that is in the air….20120819-213727.jpg


A more aggressive individual might call it the final whispers of summer….


Luckily I am SO NOT that girl!  Nope, it may be a little chillier in the early morning, but it is definitely still short season!20120819-213750.jpg

White eyelet shorts & patterned silk shirt by DVF, shoes from Manolo Blahnik.  Hit the blue words to be taken directly to the designers’ websites (for your shopping pleasure!)20120819-213757.jpg