reversecommuter has left urban civilization, and is headed to Northern Maine (aka Moose country).

What is a nice fashion obsessed girl like me doing in a place like this? Enjoying a little R&R at the lake house of some VERY good friends!

reversecommuter has a speed demon reputation that precedes her up here (last year I was the, ahem, “lucky winner” of a $340.00 speeding ticket!!!).

Thus explaining the flavor of my outfit (I am planning on fooling the local authorities into thinking I am a country gal!)

What better way to say “I am here for the moose hunting” than a cute little See by Chloe dress, (on sale on Zappos – just click here), patent wedges from Prada and a hat devoid of appropriate description or sadly, a link to buy(apologies).

Clearly there will be some very fun postings in the next few days…….

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