Fashion & Finance Friday

Oh Yes It Is…It’s Friday!

67 fashion executives made more than $5 MILLION ANNUALLY in compensation – apparently the big bucks are no longer just for finance!  J C Penney’s CEO, Ron Jonson was at the tippity top earning $52.3 MILLION in 2011.  The highest earning female executive was Ralph Lauren EVP Jackwyn Nemerov who was paid $12 MILLION in 2011.  Even in fashion there seems do be a slight pay inequity, of like $40 MILLION!

Certified diamond prices were down 5.4% in July – don’t you just love a good sale?  Especially on something that looks good with everything?  🙂

DVF and ROXY are combing talents for a one off 35 piece collection of swimwear, named DVF loves ROXY.  The collection will include beach bags, bathing suits, cover ups and rash guards.   And it is looking PHENOM!!!!

First Gap & DVF, then EVIAN & DVF, now ROXY & DVF.  Diane is making lots of new friends, wonder who is next?

Glamour’s upcoming September issue will have a guest editor’s special touch.  Victoria Beckham apparently worked on the magazine for five months to get it just right!

(BIG thank you to COCO PEREZ for the sneak peak pic!)

reverse commuter LOVE LOVE LOVES the September issues of the fashion mags, the sheer thickness of the issues, plus the unveiling of new advertising campaigns, fabulous fall fashion spreads and jaw droppingly delicious covers arrive just in time to help fill the vast void of bambinos returning to school…not to mention lifting them works the biceps!

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