A Country Fair, some Moose and a Ski Mask?

First things first, reversecommuter MUST bring this item from the New York Times front and center…

 “Sun masks” worn at the beach in China…wow.

Here is the original story that ran in Sunday’s NYTimes.

reversecommuter just returned from Northern Maine and a phenomenal vacation with friends and family.  Thanks HKT!

Went to a Moose hunting lodge (really and truly) for dinner one night under roughly a KABAZILLION stars!  Magical!

(wore  a billowing white Calypso coverup, Missoni head band, and Rag and Bone white cutoffs – figured white might ward off sudden moose attacks)

Next was off to the Northern Maine Fair – it was as a fair should be – ferris wheels, cotton candy, ring toss and a Smash Up Derby (my first…if you don’t count my actual cars!)

Says it all about the sandwiches doesn’t it?  🙂

Vroom Vroom baby!

Aerial view from the ferris wheel – fab breeze up there on a total scorcher of a day!

reversecommuter and her trois bebes!  James Perse tank dress and a Panama Jack sun hat that smushed in a suitcase like a dream!

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