I Just Don’t Know….

Do you own a piece or two in your wardrobe that challenges you…..

Every time you pull it out and put it on, there is a little unknown….

A question as to whether or not it suits you….

Whether or not it looks good on you….

Whether or not it should just be put out of your misery?

These pants are mine.

ENOUGH!  I know they are weird but today I really like them…for now…

Pants from GEORGIE, (the plain white version of these is on sale at Intermix) Tank from Alexander Wang and shoes by Manolo Blahnik.

6 thoughts on “I Just Don’t Know….

  1. Know what I think with these pants? They’re not my style, but they’re really cute. I think they need slightly different styling though – I almost think they’d look more purposeful (I think is the sentiment) with a breezy tunic, or loose cardigan, or maybe a loose-knit sweater hoodie or something. Does that make sense? Either that, or maybe sky high stiletto sex kitten sandals.

    But! I think you look great on them, I think you kill them, and I’d definitely never see you in real life in that outfit and think anything other than “she looks cute!” You know? So kudos for loving your pants again 🙂

  2. I love the pants! Think they have a great vibe about them. I would probably wear them with a baggy light weight knit, but that is because I HATE my arms! And I’d go with a big wedge heel sandal, because that is mostly what I wear.
    You look fantastic and the pants are cool!

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