Fashion & Finance Friday!

This edition of Fashion & Finance Friday has a GIrl Power Theme (must have been the Olympic performance of the Spice Girls’ influencing reversecommuter!)

SPANX (every girl’s bff) is a company started by a fabulously clever gal named Sara Blakely to improve how her butt looked in pants – true story!  LOVE IT!

SPANX has wholesale numbers of approximately $240 MILLION annually – inspirational!!!

The company is planning on opening some SPANX retail stores in the US – GREAT NEWS as the formal season is right around the corner, and evening gowns looked 10X better with a little SPANX love underneath.

Martha Stewart is being fought over by two very powerful men – corporate CEO’s.  Macy’s is suing J C Penney over Martha’s home goods line, basically fighting over the right to sell Martha Stewart dishes, towels, etc.  This could prove to be a very costly fight…and entertaining!

Cosmopolitan’s Editor Helen Gurley Brown passed away this week at 90.  Best selling author, editor extreme and mentor for women and their sex lives around the world.  Celebrate the woman this weekend, have a cosmo and a romp!

Happy Weekend!!!

XO reversecommuter

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