Italian Farm Hand

Ciao Prada!

Sometimes investing in a great piece is worth it…uh, cancel that, not “sometimes”ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!

Two years ago in NYC reversecommuter splurged in the Prada boutique in Soho (by the by, SUCH a COOL space!!!!), and bought this fab skirt.

So now, even when waaaaaaay out in the burbs, surrounded by TRACTORS and HAY, the Prada skirt still makes me happy.  Maybe even happier than ever before!

So the next time you find yourself questioning the wisdom of a high priced purchase, remember the words of reversecommuter,  “DO IT!”

Hit the blue and make yourself giddy with happiness…visit PRADA.COM

Skirt & wedges from Prada, tank from ScoopNYC, sunglasses by Tom Ford and fedora  from

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