Fits like a Mother!


Spent a little too much time lately searching for that perfect black washed jean, when lo and behold, lookie lookie what reversecommuter stumbled upon

Can you hear the angels singing?

Nope, that’s just a squeal of happiness from out in the burbs, a squeak of joy about a PHENOM BRAND OF JEANS!!!!  Mother Denim (click the blue, such a cool website).

Do you want to know the best part about Mother Jeans?  (Other than saying fun things like “FITS LIKE A MOTHER”?)….

It’s one of those FAB designer brands that insists you drop down a size from your regular jean size.

And what, pray tell, is better than that?!

Special thank you to my cherubs for lending mama the cars 🙂

3 thoughts on “Fits like a Mother!

  1. You are looking hottie-patottie! I’ll need to give them a try. BTW, love the pose next to the kids toys-hilarious!!

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