Bad Little Secret

Confession Time – sometimes nothing beats a Juicy. Seriously.


Especially this time of year, almost the end of summer (insert SOB here) when it there is just a hint of cool in the air when you get out of the water.


Skaist-Taylor, the Juicy Couture co-founders are no longer affiliated with the brand,and have just launched their inaugural collection (click the blue to go check out their uber groovy website).
As delicious as their new line is (and it is), it will be a VERY uphill battle to change being known as the Juicy girls (as they will forever be in my heart).


But as you can see, sometimes I might just try to deny that the Juicy is still in reversecommuter’s closet!


PS wearing said Juicy while enjoying home made grilled lobster pizza and having a glass of perfectly chilled chardonnay is also acceptable!

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