Fashion & Finance Friday!

Only 7 more sleeps till NYC FNO!  And it’s Friday!  Gotta love a double combo of happiness!

J. Crew is getting ready to expand internationally.  This is a bold move considering international and domestic economies are not exactly healthy.  J. Crew is already up in Canada, with one store in Toronto (where reversecommuter has it on good authority you can get a much better selection of the highly coveted and hard to find J. Crew Collection.

(photo courtesy of J. Crew)

And net-a-porter (LOVE LOVE LOVE all things Natalie Massenet & net-a-porter!!!)) carries a considerable amount of J. Crew (which reversecommuter found quite surprising at first but now warmly embraces).

(photo courtesy of WSJ)

Now the retail powerhouse is preparing to open up stores in Hong Kong and London in the next two years, and will begin to ship internationally to 107 countries!  Mickey Drexler is doing a great job – not a big surprise (click here to see an earlier reverse posting on the retail Midas, Mickey Drexler).

DuJour Magazine (click the blue to take a look at this fab new mag) – the magazine that will only be delivered to readers whose homes are over $1.5 MILLION and have an average income over $250K – is truly a gorgeous magazine (in print and online – the interactive digital version is phenom).

Jason Binn, publishing guru and founder of DuJour Magazine is also chief advisor to Kevin Ryan, Gilt’s CEO, among other projects including Niche Media which publishes 13 magazines scattered across major US cities such as Boston Common Magazine, Aspen Peak and Gotham to name a few.

reversecommuter is very excited to let you in on a little secret…I am going to the DuJour Magazine launch party on Wednesday September 5th….KIND OF EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a brilliant, fabulous, fashion filled LOOOOOOOONG WEEKEND!

XO reversecommuter


9 thoughts on “Fashion & Finance Friday!

  1. Ohhh! Have fun at the launch! We want to hear all about it. 🙂
    Interesting that J. Crew is expanding, they have some cool stuff but at the price, not cool enough to tempt me yet. Perhaps I am not their market. 🙂

    • J. Crew clears their inventory really quickly, so their sales are great. Hopefully they will start shipping to you – please let me know.
      Promise to post about the party!
      Happy Weekend!

      • I think they already do ship to Australia, I just seem to fall in love with items that are WAY too expensive! 🙂 Imagine! However, I will check the sales area especially as my seasons are opposite so may find some cute things there.
        Looking forward to seeing your post!

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