Fashion & Finance Friday!

Happy French Toast Friday!  (that is how we roll in my house!)

PFW (Paris Fashion Week) has begun and the masters are delivering!

First up, Rocha


Lanvin (tuxedo inspired gorgeousness)

H&M is going the way of Aldo and opening up “Other Stories” – shops that sell accessories such as shoes, jewelry, handbags, cosmetics as well as some clothing, all at a little bit of a higher price point than the existing H&M stores.  The design team will be based in Paris – this could be good!

H&M has announced (again) that it will not introduce e-commerce until late 2013 (when they might again push back the date…..).  This isn’t hard to comprehend considering the enormity of their inventory and how ofter it changes – the web team at H&M will be working around the clock!

Dress up, go out & have a Happy Weekend!

XO reversecommuter

Have Boots, Will Pick

Apples, will pick apples.

Once again proving that when trapped in the burbs, one must acclimatize…reversecommuter went apple picking, for the VERY FIRST TIME EVER!

Wore Fiorintini & Baker boots.  Fiorintini & Baker makes incredible, delicious, stylish boots made out of ridiculously luxurious Italian leather.  They just opened their one and only store in the US in SOHO, otherwise you can pop into their shop in Milano, or shop online.

Click the  picture and go to a REALLY COOL BOOT SITE!

Accompanying the Fiorintini & Baker boots was a little Alexander McQueen (scarf), and The Row (long sleeved t-shirt).

suburbanly challenged yes, but still fashionable.

oh, and scattered amongst the apple orchard there were pumpkins too.


Ranjan Khan.  Her name is majestic and her creations even more so.

photo courtesy of W Magazine

reversecommuter was lucky enough to play dress up at Henri Bendel in NYC with all things glittery, chunky, delicious and luxurious created by Ranjana Khan.

Can you tell I like it?  OHEMGEEEEEE!!!


Ridiculous to expect reversecommuter to choose!Willing to post a goofy pic of me in order to profile The Wall of Deliciousness: the blues, the turquoises, the glass, the beads, the rings (OH THE RINGS!!!!) and the bangles.  TOO MUCH and NOT ENOUGH all at once!

Ranjana Khan is loved by Lanvin.  Alber Elbaz truly loves this woman, her embroidery skills and her jewelry collections.

Alexander McQueen, also loving Ranjana Khan.

Ditto for Jean Paul Gaultier.

Accessible enough for everyone with RK Collection on HSN.


Shorter answer seems to be who isn’t in love with Ranjana Khan?


Classic Confusion!

One would think that going away for a weekend to Palm Beach with HH would be wonderful!  (it was).  But the weather was not exactly “beachy”…

Luckily it was Palm Beach – Worth Avenue is one of reversecommuter’s all-time fave streets!!!!  So while the rain drizzled down, a little shoe shopping for a new pair of classic black patent platform pumps occurred at Saks.

After INTENSE RESEARCH the conclusion is that Christian Louboutin has the most comfortable, sexy pair on the market…and is now happily habituating in my shoe closet!
(click the picture to be taken directly to the shoe department at Sak’s!)

Gucci had the best price, and a pretty shoe to boot!
(click the pic and buy the Gucci @ Saks)

Manolo Blahnik doesn’t make a platform, but a pair of Manolo’s is never a bad purchase!
(click the picture and visit the Manolo Blahnik cutie at Sak’s)

Jimmy Choo makes a darn sexy shoe, but a 5 1/2″ heel is just a little too scary!
(click the pic, go to Saks, buy the Jimmy Choos!)

While dangling dangerously off the balcony in my hotel room (LOL), I am wearing leopard pants from Zara, tank by Alexander Wang, Russian Navy OPI nail color, and a very sleepy look on my face!

Fashion & Finance Friday!

That was a FAST week!  LOVE THAT!

French retailers are feeling le pinch.  Sales are down in 2012 by 3.7%.  Mon Dieu!  If the fantastically fashionable French aren’t shopping, something needs to be done…Vite Vite Immediatement!

hmmmm, perhaps a little cash infusion will occur September 25 thru October 3rd for Paris Fashion Week?

LFW (London Fashion Week) is done, onto Milano!  Burberry was London’s highlight with metallic pink and purple trenches, oh so pretty!

Prada’s show yesterday in Milano was all about flowers, and as per norm Muccia rocked it!

Do you know that most of the fashion shows are available online, and were streamed live over the internet during the shows?  LOVE THAT!!!!!!!!!

XO reversecommuter

Tickled Hot Pink!

Hot Pink is the new black!

Literally, it is THE color of Fall 2013.

Stella knows it  (click here for Stella McCartney’s website)

Brian Atwood knows it (click here to be taken to Brian Atwood’s website aka Shoe Heaven!)

Acne knows it (click here to be taken to ACNE, mild obsession for reversecommuter!!!!)

Alexander (all hail!!!) McQueen has it locked in with a bootie that will make you NUTSO!!!!!!!! (click the blue to be taken to Alexander McQueen)

More importantly, Michael Kors (and reversecommuter) knew it in Spring 2012…..

(that is my dress) and now all I have to do is find the perfect black patent platform pumps to update it for Fall!

(photos courtesy of reverse and


Burb living does have some positives, one of which is having an actual garden that isn’t restricted to containers.

That means trips to nurseries.

reversecommuter (as has been pointed out) needs little excuse to go shopping…
even for plants.

Missoni, the classic Italian knit design house founded in 1953, makes jaw-dropping gorgeousness. Now with the third generation ready to take over the company, Margherita delivers the same colorful, patterned knits that make grown women sob (or at least makes reversecommuter a little kooky).

Click the blue to go to – the website is a work of art!

Slipping on a Missoni is like taking a little holiday in Northern Italy, and when trapped in the burbs, how can you say no to that?

Sweater and Sunglasses by Missoni, shorts Rag & Bone, clogs Chanel.

Unexpected Surprises…

Like a great day date on a perfectly sunny Indian summer day….

Like a cool top (Marni) that offers an unpredictable back…

Like an awesome purchase from a ridiculously phenomenal store!  LOUIS BOSTON is truly a destination for any fashion lover, male or female. This is especially true if you are a Marni fan, as Louis Boston has a monopoly on the line for Boston.  Click the blue to find out how to get there.

Marni is an Italian designer created in 1994, that prints most of it’s own materials, has worked in-house with Stella McCartney, Mario Testino etc, and is constantly redefining fashion and reinvents itself every season, without losing the Marni-esque qualities that separate it from the rest.

Click the blue for a live countdown of the Marni Spring 2013 runway show in Milan – then set a reminder in your own calendar to watch it live stream!  Fantastico!

Fashion & Finance Friday!

NYFW (New York Fashion Week) the average cost of a fashion show is a ballpark $750,000.00.  NYFW also generates $865 MILLION ANNUALLY!!!!  WOWZER!

Google Glass was THE accessory at the Diane von Furstenberg Spring 2013 show. Sergey Brin, a Google co-founder and Diane hung out together backstage, pre-show to record, text and take pictures all through the one lensed wonder. Google is planning to launch then next year for approximately $1500.00.

Wonder if the models got to keep theirs?

Google released a short film, “DVF Through the Glass” to deliver what was captured at NYFW – COOL COOL F’ING COOL!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Diane, has the reversecommuter mentioned lately that you are DIVINE!!!!

Wishing everyone a fantastic weekend…chill, hug the ones you love and recover from NYFW!

XO reversecommuter