Un COUP de Couer

(that means falling instantly in love!) and that is what has happened to reversecommuter…

with the brand new issue of COUP, a magazine launched by Alexandra Hall – an editor with an illustrious pedigree including Daily Candy, Boston Magazine and Fashion Boston.

(reversecommuter has had the pleasure of dealing with Alex Hall in the professional fashion world and can attest to phenom talent!)

COUP is an online lifestyle company that offers an online magazine (can you hear the trees cheering?) that is planning on building an interactive publishing platform that will include a video channel, and online shopping (can you hear reversecommuter cheering?).

The Fall 2012 Issue launches TODAY!!!!  Click here to enjoy it, hot off the press!  This issue promises to deliver Fall fashion, food, design, gossip and travel in a hot and hip style not seen in the Boston scene ‘eva’!

COUP’s Fall Fashion issue comes off a little cheesy, in a GOOD WAY!  There is a delicious spread (sorry, I had to introduce one double entendre!!) on cheese, a Vermont cheese festival and some suggested buys from a fromagerier of wondrous reputation.  YUMMM!

The Fall Fashion spread is beyond!!!!!  Deep, dark, sexy pictures exhibiting the feminine designs and detail that make Fall 2012 dangerously exciting!  Leather, lace, sequins, shorts, heavy dramatic smokey eyes, high demand booties and platforms that elongate the legs (uh, yes pahleeze!!).

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