FNO Review – Uptown

First stop, Pastis for a late lunch.  Heavenly.  Always.

Then zooooom Uptown to Bergdorf Goodman!  When at Bergdorf’s during FNO make sure to take time to ogle the gorgeous decorations / be amazed by the 50+ black-blazered security detail outside the doors, all sporting RayBans / and pick up a new pair of shoes on the second floor – natch!

Then it was time to jet downtown to SOHO….

more on that tomorrow…

5 thoughts on “FNO Review – Uptown

  1. Yummy trip to Bergdorf’s lady! And fabu shoes!

    Check out my birthday loot (I could have paid the mortgage down but instead bought 4 pais of shoes! Natch: http://toemail.wordpress.com/2012/09/08/san-francisco-california-5/

    Thanks for the love! If you heart New York and you heart shopping and fashion, you should check out my first novel, The Booster. A chic downtown kleptomaniac joins a South American high fashion shoplifting ring.

    Thanks for the love!

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