FWNY uh, translation?

FWNY (Fashion Week New York), fantastic, wondrous, inspiring, wardrobe changing!

But perhaps not to all.  Some may need a fashion translation, a user friendly summary.

No problemo!

1.  Stripes

Absolutely no other designer came close to making the stripe statement stronger than Marc Jacobs.  PHENOMENAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (that is a lot of exclamation marks and it is not by accidental button pushing).

2. Bold, bright colors (borderline neon)

Diane von Furstenberg brought the rainbow – on speed!  The brightest of bright colors and patterns, she is after all the master!

3. Black and White

Alexander Wang (OH HOW I LOVE THE ALEXANDER!!!!!!!!!) gave us black-and-white-and-amazing sandals all over for his Spring 2013 Collection.  SIGN ME UP!!!!!

4. Shorts

Carolina Herrera sent these lovelies down the runway causing gasps and drools on an international level!

5. Breathlessly Perfectly Tailored Clothing

You may know her as Posh Spice but reversecommuter knows her as the designer delivering the sleekest, classiest, sexiest clothing of the season, (and her husband is SO beyond mere words….)

There you have it – NYFW condensed into reversecommuter-speak!

9 thoughts on “FWNY uh, translation?

  1. i am most excited about the bold brights and tailored clothing.. i am also excited for the rougher, less feminine looks, like leather, studs, and spikes… and the more masculine looks… i purchased a blazer and cant wait to rock it this fall… a tad warm here in austin, tx… soon tho!

    • Taylor
      As the cooler weather is just around the corner here on the East Coast – count yourself lucky to be enjoying the gorgeous Austin weather!
      Plus, a blazer with a pair of cutoffs and a tank is fun and great in the evenings if it cools off a little for you.

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