Unexpected Surprises…

Like a great day date on a perfectly sunny Indian summer day….

Like a cool top (Marni) that offers an unpredictable back…

Like an awesome purchase from a ridiculously phenomenal store!  LOUIS BOSTON is truly a destination for any fashion lover, male or female. This is especially true if you are a Marni fan, as Louis Boston has a monopoly on the line for Boston.  Click the blue to find out how to get there.

Marni is an Italian designer created in 1994, that prints most of it’s own materials, has worked in-house with Stella McCartney, Mario Testino etc, and is constantly redefining fashion and reinvents itself every season, without losing the Marni-esque qualities that separate it from the rest.

Click the blue for a live countdown of the Marni Spring 2013 runway show in Milan – then set a reminder in your own calendar to watch it live stream!  Fantastico!

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