Burb living does have some positives, one of which is having an actual garden that isn’t restricted to containers.

That means trips to nurseries.

reversecommuter (as has been pointed out) needs little excuse to go shopping…
even for plants.

Missoni, the classic Italian knit design house founded in 1953, makes jaw-dropping gorgeousness. Now with the third generation ready to take over the company, Margherita delivers the same colorful, patterned knits that make grown women sob (or at least makes reversecommuter a little kooky).

Click the blue to go to – the website is a work of art!

Slipping on a Missoni is like taking a little holiday in Northern Italy, and when trapped in the burbs, how can you say no to that?

Sweater and Sunglasses by Missoni, shorts Rag & Bone, clogs Chanel.

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