Have Boots, Will Pick

Apples, will pick apples.

Once again proving that when trapped in the burbs, one must acclimatize…reversecommuter went apple picking, for the VERY FIRST TIME EVER!

Wore Fiorintini & Baker boots.  Fiorintini & Baker makes incredible, delicious, stylish boots made out of ridiculously luxurious Italian leather.  They just opened their one and only store in the US in SOHO, otherwise you can pop into their shop in Milano, or shop online.

Click the  picture and go to a REALLY COOL BOOT SITE!

Accompanying the Fiorintini & Baker boots was a little Alexander McQueen (scarf), and The Row (long sleeved t-shirt).

suburbanly challenged yes, but still fashionable.

oh, and scattered amongst the apple orchard there were pumpkins too.

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