Smoking Bunnies

Smoking Slippers.  Who knew?  Comfort and style – LOVE!!!!!!!!!!

Buh-Bye Tory Burch flats.  The BIG DOGS are taking this over and doing it OH SO RIGHT!

Alexander McQueen – does it get any better than this?!

Jimmy Choo

Ralph Lauren

Stubbs & Wotton – the classic from Palm Beach (need I say more?)

Slip on the smoking slippers when running to catch the school bus…

not that the bunny face slippers aren’t cute in their own way.

No need to “Wotton” anymore, just click the pictures, be taken to the website and buy! (excluding the bunny slippers – reversecommuter cannot encourage that kind of behavior).


P.S. reversecommuter grabbed her smoking slippers at Zara for a whopping $49.00

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