reversecommuter did in fact mention not putting away the white jeans (hit the blue phrase to revisit the posting)

The weather is not the boss of us, and certainly the boss is not old fashioned fashion rules like not wearing white after Labor Day.

75 farenheit, 26 celcius – OHEMGEE!!!! This New England  fall season is kinda lovely all of a sudden.

Almost makes you see the world thru rose colored glasses (or magenta anyway!).

Went to secure a venue for a Christmas season party yesterday – what a great day to walk about!
FYI venue was phenom!
Special thank you to the wonderful photographer MC!! BESOS!!!!!

Blazer Prada Techno Sport, Tshirt Theory, Jeans Rag & Bone, Boots Balenciaga, Sunglasses Loewe.

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