reversecommuter is not much of a camper.  Insert shocked reaction here…HAHAHA!

Hurricane Sandy is scheduled to hit New England today.  Supposed to be a big one that knocks out power for days.

Which is exactly why I checked into a hotel yesterday.  (don’t you love my serious, pre-storm facial expression?!)

Nothing says hurricane like room service!  (that’ll put a smile on my serious face)

Lot’s of questions coming in requesting a great t-shirt line.  One of my favorites is Kristensen Du Nord, from Copenhagen, Denmark.  It is rather difficult line to find, but when you do…load up!  (click here to go to the Kristensen Du Nord website & store listings)

Hope you are all safe & sound & storm free!

Burberry blazer, Balenciaga boots, J Brand jeans, Hermes belt, Kristensen Du Nord t-shirt.

xo reversecommuter

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