Fashion & Finance Friday!

What A Week!!!!!!!

Hurricane Sandy was one destructive storm, taking New York and the fashion world with it!

Hearst, Condé Nast, Corporate head offices such as J.Crew, malls such as reversecommuter’s favorite, The Americana Manhasset, all shut down – some still shut down as of today.  Malls and shops throughout the East Coast black and empty.    Barney’s re-opened Tuesday afternoon and although Fred’s (awesome restaurant – BEST people watching ever!!!) was still closed, the fab fashion peeps at Barney’s were spoiling shoppers with pb&j sandwiches and coffee.  Yet ANOTHER reason (on top of the shoe department!!!) to love love love Barney’s!

Spanx is opening stand alone boutiques – women and men throughout the US are shouting HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!  Spanx is privately owned by the founder, smarty pants Sara Blakely, and has annual sales of approximately $230 MILLION.  That number will definitely grow as the Spanx stores do!

Evian & DVF (click here for my earlier post on this awesome collaboration!) have released their bottle – is there nothing La Grande Dame Diane cannot knock out of the park?!?!  It is the very first time that Evian has invited an American designer to participate.  And the bottle is PHENOM!

Have a fantastic, hurricane free, champs infused weekend!

xo reversecommuter

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