Tie Me Up

American Thanksgiving is in two days!

Most women are lucky to have five minutes to put themselves together during the frenzied preparation for this holiday.

Slap on a scarf, add a burst of color and feel fancy while you stuff that bird!

My current faves include any of the Louis Vuitton Yayoi Kusama polka dot scarves (reversecommuter hearts the red one in a BIG WAY!).  Click the blue phrase or the pic to go to Louis Vuitton to buy.

Kusama Polka Dot Louis Vuitton Scarves

The Snood is a fab option too (not to mention the name sounds like something a la Dr Seuss).  Click on the blue phrase (or the picture) to go to Net-a-Porter to purchase this gorgeous Missoni Snood.

Missoni Snood from Net-a-porter

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