Party Party!

‘Tis the season – to go out almost every single night!

monochromatic festive purple

monochromatic festive purple

What is a girl to do? Obviously a little shopping but also a little planning goes a long way!

blurry mirror shot

blurry mirror shot

Pick a color and invest a few pieces in it. Clearly I went for the purple fuchsia.  Take this same dress, different jewelry, add a pair of patent boots, bare legs et voila – new outfit.  Alternatively, take the booties add white blouse, leather jacket and black slim leg dress pants et voila – new outfit.  Invest in a make-up sequence that compliments the color of the outfit and own it all festive season long!

Apologies on the blurry mirror photo – none of my IMMENSELY talented 8 year old photographers were available.

DVF dress, Balenciaga booties, Prada clutch.

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