Reader Appreciation Award!

reversecommuter won another award!

reversecommuter won another award!

Pop the champs – reversecommuter won another blog award!



intothestratosphere (v fun British fashion blog) nominated me – thank you!

The rules are as follows:

link the nominating blog (check), answer the questions below (check), nominate 5 blogs for the award (check x5), go celebrate and have a glass of champs (CHECK!)  🙂

What is your favourite colour? 

navy blue

Your favourite animal?


Your favourite non-alcoholic drink?

skinny latte

Your favourite number?


Your favourite day of the week?

All of them

Your favourite flower?

Pink peonies and white French tulips

What is your passion?


Do you watch television?

BravoTV Housewives of _______  (all of them!)

Who is your favourite author?


Do you like 80′s movies?

Is St Elmo’s Fire an 80’s movie?  Then yes.

What social issues bother you?

gay marriage needs to be recognized ALREADY!

How do you like your eggs?

egg white omelet

When did you discover blogging? 

about a year ago, through net-a-porter

Why do you like to blog?

great way to express my fashion bug

The nominations for blogs that I love to follow and deserve this award are as follows:

Harley + Broome

Fashion & Style Guru 





xo reversecommuter









11 thoughts on “Reader Appreciation Award!

  1. How could I miss this post?? Congratulations and thank you for nominating me! Usually I’m not really into blog awards, but this one sounds cool…I’m up for anything that includes a glass of bubbles;)

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