18 thoughts on “Pumping

  1. I just knew that was an Hermes belt! You go, girl! I bought my son an Hermes tie to wear for special job interviews, kind of a good luck talisman. And the heels are AWEsome. I dragged my hubs to South Coast Plaza yesterday to get a special treat at Chanel. Got a matching wallet to my Grand Shopper Tote! It was a great day.

    • I buy my Handsome Husband a new Hermes tie every time he lands a new client (has become a rather expensive tradition!) but fabulous nonetheless!
      Did the tie work for your son’s job search?
      LOVE that you got post-Christmas ChaCha!
      Thanks for visiting & following too!
      After visiting your site I think this might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!
      xo reversecommuter

      • ChaCha, I LOVE that! Is that your inspired nickname? Fingers crossed for my son. He’s a Yale prof and wants to teach at Berkeley/Stanford as his wife just moved to SF to start her biz! He’s brills so I doubt he needs the Hermes but I think it sends a great message, don’t you? Love doing that for your hubs. Those ties are beautiful. I’m wishing for an H scarf. Oh, and a handbag, obvs. Glad we found each other! Oh, wait til you see the Lanvin shoes I got and the vintage Valentino!!

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