The Brighter The Better!

Gloss move over!


reversecommuter is all about the Hot Pink Lipstick.

Specifically Chanel “EXALTÉE” #93 with the Chanel Precision Lip Definer in Fuchsia.  Not just for Holiday Parties people!  Wear it during the day, even with jeans and a t-shirt for a little added KER-POW!!!!!  (click the blue to buy on

Even Cara Delevingne on the cover of Print (one of my absolute FAVE mags) agrees.

(speaking of FAVE MAGS, I have a VERY EXCITING announcement to make VERY SOON!!!!)…


12 thoughts on “The Brighter The Better!

  1. Hot !!!!!!!!!! You know what is my fave – and i got it as a gift – and i don’t usually like CLINIQUE ….
    sorry – 🙂 lol – “Cedar Berry ” ,,,,,,, the perfect every day red !!!!!!
    what is Your announcement ???????????????????????????? Curious Curious xxx
    Cat xoxoxxo

  2. amazing, amazing colour!!! it would look good on almost any skin tone. we’ve found a little hidden jem by Jaq’s Makeup Loft @ http://www.jaq‘…it’s Jaq’s own line and is the quality of Chanel or YSL, but for a fraction of the price $8! She uses no parabens and is cruelty-free too, which is an added bonus. We love the beige frost which is not a bright shade like this one you’ve blogged about here, but nevertheless, it’s stunning over any deeper tone to add a subtle hint of shimmer. It’s one of here biggest sellers, from time to time she’s out of stock, but it’s worth the wait until she reorders it! xx,

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