Drastic Actions Part One

reversecommuter does not issue threats lightly…


but it was clearly stated (click the blue to see the post) that if the New England weather didn’t warm up, drastic actions would have to be taken…


Now I am wearing fur.


If you like fur (and not everyone does nor has to), but feel it makes too loud a statement, dress it down.


Jeans, sweater, flat boots, fur, done and warm.


FYI this is only Drastic Actions Part One…

Marc & Molly!

Marc by Marc Jacobs new Spring 2013 Collection is slowly but happily creeping into the shops.  Nothing makes snow melt faster than Spring Collections arriving!

reversecommuter has it on great authority (Hi Logan!) that Marc Jacobs based this collection loosely on the John Hughes movies of the 80’s starring Molly Ringwald, (click the blue to read all about him on Wikipedia).   Now Marc Jacobs has combined his designs with The Breakfast Club, 16 Candles, Pretty in Pink – all the bright hair, shoulder pads and teen angst smooshed into one fun collection.

Molly Ringwald 80s movies Unknown-1 Unknown-2

Polka dots, pinks, stripes, bold geographic patterns, eclectic brights and tops with shoulder’s that look like they have been sliced up for the gymnasium dance!  Click here to see the runway show of the Spring 2013 Marc by Marc Jacobs collection from Vogue.

Put on this sweater and start humming a little OMD or The Smiths!


This fab dotty jacket is SO Molly Ringwald adorable!!!


Here comes the video (it would be sacrilege not to put it on)…

Fashion & Finance Friday!

Nope, not one word about the weather.  It’s winter, I am in New England, it is what it is.

AND IT”S FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Sundance Festival is on right now and a lot of Hollywood is walking the streets of Park City, Utah.  In 2011 the Sundance Festival brought in $70.9 MILLION to Utah, that buys a lot of snow clearing machinery!


The best part is that it is a dress down event and reversecommuter loves watching what they wear.  Parkas, jeans, leggings, pompom hats (click here to see my new one), fur vests, fedoras, Sorels, sweaters, layers, layers, layers.  Just like us.

MAJOR pop-up shops, restaurants & bars can be found such as St. Tropez’ Nikki Beach, Vegas’ Tao, Canada Goose, (click here to hear all about reversecommuter’s love affair with Canada Goose!), Samsung, Adidas, Burton, etc.  There is no snow at Sundance this year (probably because it’s in New England…) but the movies are definitely worth the trip!


Chanel.  PHENOMENAL!  Karl Lagerfeld presented his Couture Spring 2013 show in Paris this past week and sealed once again his place as THE designer amongst a sea of many.  A great attribute of these fashion shows is that it can help you decide what is a smart wardrobe investment now.  Karl’s love of the over-the-knee thigh high boots, skirts to the knee and even a little longer all point to what to buy.  Uber feminine soft Pink was all over the place, a classic color that can live happily in warm or cold weather.  reversecommuter has been secretly coveting the pink suit by both Helmut Lang and Ralph Lauren for Spring 2013, like a lioness laying in the grass waiting to pounce!  (photo courtesy of RalphLauren.com)


Make an excuse to dress up at least once this weekend!

xo reversecommuter

Chilly Pompoms!

Still cold.  Really cold.  So naturally I decided to wear a skirt.  Box pleats, tights & a turtleneck – take that blistery cold wind!


Any colder and reversecommuter will be forced to take drastic action!


Decided that making lemonade out of lemons today meant going hat shopping!


The pompom was the winner, sadly the homage to the YSL-inspired floppy fedora didn’t make the cut.  Click the blue to read about the YSL Spring 2013 show and the floppy fedora, but warning it is a bit of a scathing review…

pompom2 pompom

Toque Right Off

Really really really seriously cold.  New England is in a big bad freeze.


Time to pull out the toque, this kind of cold doesn’t take pity on underdressed fashion fools!  (the cold weather apparently brings out the Muhammed Ali in me).

reversecommuter toque

True Story – these Miu Miu boots almost got reversecommuter into a little fisticuffs in Milano with a REALLY large Russian woman – thankfully the salesman took pity on me and saved the day (and more importantly the boots!!!).


Miu Miu boots, Coat Coat, J Brand jeans, Dolce & Gabbana turtleneck, Prada toque.

Snooze is the New Black!

Deep Freeze in New England starts today.  BRRRRRRRRR…maybe it’s time to hibernate?

cold layers rc

Or maybe reversecommuter sees it merely as a fantastic excuse to wear new jammies, silk pajamas to be specific.  Well, the top atleast with a pair of jeans.  Although the bottoms with a long sleeve t and a cashmere sweater would also be a great choice!

Silk Jammies RC

Equipment makes the cat’s pajamas, if you will…MEOW!  (Click here to drool at Equipment’s jimjammers)

Equipment PJs

reversecommuter’s silk pjs are from Joe Fresh, for a whopping $40.  (click here to go peruse Joe’s clothes)

Just be sure to buy one pair to wear outside and one for the boudoir!


reversecommuter has NO willpower.   Zero.  None.  Nada.  Zip.


And I absolutely don’t care.  These beauties are mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally!  Remember my earlier homage to my sweet sweet booties?  (Click the blue…)

I tried on the python version in Bal Harbor at the Chloe boutique in the fall, but the purpley/grey/brown color didn’t WOW me.

The classic black with gold detail is much more my style and I can see these going with a ton of basics like leggings & jeans as well as skirts.  Cool fun way to dress up the everyday!


Chloe Susan Boots…purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Fashion & Finance Friday!

It may be freezing cold but it is still Friday!!!!!!!!!

The weird hook-ups in the fashion world keep on coming (click the blue to see others reversecommuter finds weird), this time it is Swatch buying Harry Winston.  In the name of all things sacred, sparkly and non-plastic can the madness not stop?!?!

photo courtesy of Harry Winston photo courtesy of Swatch Inc.

Apparently the colorful, creatively designed plastic watch business is rather lucrative as Swatch has $1 BILLION to spend on Harry Winston.  Who Knew?!

The Pre-Fall Fashion Week has just closed in Paris.  Ever wonder why the designers present collections that have nothing to do with the calendar or even the weather?  Fashion Week shows presents collections 6 months early – enough time to wow the audience of magazine editors, bloggers (whoop whoop) and store buyers.  The editors, and bloggers write up the most popular or spectacular presentations while the buyers submit their orders.  This gives the fashion houses enough lead time for production.  That is why you can never find a bathing suit in the month of August in a store but you can find a gorgeous winter coat!

Burberry stock slid 21% in September when it projected a slow down in China luxury goods sales.  This week Burberry stood by it ‘s earlier comments but suggested there may be a positive change after the new political leadership of China is announced.  Apparently within the Chinese culture giving gifts is a big deal.  At the moment the list of people in power you would want to gift is unknown.  Analysts appreciated the potential silver lining and the stock came back up by 13%.  (click the blue for the full NYTimes article).

photo courtesy of Wikipedia

reversecommuter likes the leadership Burberry brings to the Fashion industry.  First company to present it’s fashion shows online, real time, (click the blue to read more) and now Burberry lead’s the charge in honest projections regarding China’s luxury retail numbers.

There is a poll online at WWD.com whereby you can cast your vote for Michelle Obama’s choice in dress for the President’s Inauguration Monday February 21st.

Photo courtesy of NY Daily News

reversecommuter doesn’t have a clear favorite choice, however would not complain if the First Lady opted up from the infamous White House Black Market frock… just a fashion blogger’s opinion.

Wishing you a fashionably fabulous weekend!

xo reversecommuter

Stripes, Spares & Mrs.

Last night’s GNO took an odd turn into a bowling alley…


reversecommuter is not known for her bowling skills…


But a fun night was had nonetheless!


This striped Marni vest is actually an open backed summer piece (click the blue to see the warmer weather post) but with a white shirt it has been reinvented for the winter.

Marni vest, Mother Jeans, Car Shoe Boots, Dolce & Gabbana white shirt.

Thanks RH for the photos!